History of the Great Black Swamp Classic

The Great Black Swamp Baseball Classic was started in 1997 in Bowling Green,Ohio, and has evolved into one of the premier amateur summer baseball tournaments in the Midwest.
The tournament has twenty four 18U teams and twelve 16U teams annually, and attracts over eighty college and professional baseball scouts each year, as well as teams from all over the United States and Canada and as far away as Puerto Rico. The tournament is named after the Black Swamp region of the Great Lakes.
The Black Swamp, named so because of it's dark woodland soil rich in organic matter, was one of the most famous wetlands in early historic United States. It was an immense forested wetland, over 30 miles wide and 100 miles long, covering primarily northwestern Ohio south of the Maumee River.
The soils of the Black Swamp were rich, and northwestern Ohio ultimately became a prosperous part of the modern Corn Belt. Along with this growth came towns and cities that sprang up over the former Black Swamp, including Toledo, Bowling Green, and Defiance in Ohio and Fort Wayne, Indiana.